Astican completes work on African Inspiration

Work was recently completed by Astican on African Inspiration, an Offshore Support Vessel registered and sailing under the flag of Nigeria. The ship is operated by Marine Platform Limited, which offers a wide range of services to the offshore oil industry in Nigeria and West Africa ranging from completions and sub-sea services to vessel chartering services. It also operates two subsea support vessels, Siem Marlin and African Vision, both also repaired by Astican.

African Inspiration on arrival at Astican


Works carried out includes:

Hull Treatment; Cleaning and scraping

Accommodations, superstructure, cranes and hull coating

Sewage tank blasting and painting

LFL tanks blasting and painting

Valves overhauling

Fuel tank cleaning & gas free and tank repair 

Cleaning and disinfection on fresh water tanks and domestic lines EPSCO cleaning

Main engine water tanks heaters upgrade

Palfinger cargo crane pipes renewals

Bow thrusters, retractable thruster and azimut thrusters overhauling and polishing

Miscellaneous piping upgrade

Cranes walkway fabrication and install

Electrical motors overhauling and bearing renewals.

Cranes, lifeboat and lifeboat davits, gangways load test   

Anti-piracy mesh screen renewals

Anchor chains calibration and report