Albwardy Damen, Dubai UAE

Albwardy Damen is a joint venture between Albwardy Investment, Dubai and the Damen Shipyards Group, Holland, providing shipbuilding and ship repair services to the marine, oil and gas related industries in the Middle East, with facilities in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah. Their services include new building of steel and aluminium vessels along with repair and services of marine as well as O&G assets. They also offer offshore and afloat repair services to clients worldwide. Their diving division offers their services out of Fujairah including underwater hull cleaning.

Synchro Lift
Length: 120.00m
Beam: 26.50m
Synchro Lift 1
Length: 42.00m
Beam: 29.90m
Synchro Lift 2
Length: 102.00m
Beam: 24.00m
Synchro Lift 3
Length: 85.00m
Beam: 20.00m
Synchro Lift 4
Length: 125.00m
Beam: 30.00m
Travel Lift
Length: 35.00m
Beam: 7.00m