Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

The yard consists of four graving drydocks, all equipped with ample craneage, ranging up to 2x 90 tonnes, along with deepwater quays for jacking-up possibilities.

The yard has 750 metres of repair berths available and can handle vessels up to 250 meters in length.

Graving Dock 1
Length: 140.00m
Beam: 19.50m
Draft: 5.10m
Graving Dock 2
Length: 165.00m
Beam: 21.50m
Draft: 6.00m
Graving Dock 3
Length: 205.00m
Beam: 26.80m
Draft: 8.20m
Graving Dock 4
Length: 250.00m
Beam: 36.20m
Draft: 8.00m