Damen Shiprepair, Curaçao

The shipyard is strategically located in the Caribbean, en route to the Panama Canal, and outside the hurricane belt. The yard offers excellent working conditions within a natural bay. It has two drydocks and two floating docks and the yard also offers three mooring and repair quays with a total length of 1,000 metres and ample crane capacity.

Antilla Dock (“A-Dock”)
Length: 280m
Beam: 48m
Draft: 7.9m (entrance) 5.7m (dock head)
Craneage: 1x 75t
Beatrix Dock (“B-Dock”)
Length: 192m
Beam: 26.5m
Draft: 6.3m
Craneage: 1x 25t
Floating docks
Length: 229m
Beam: 36.1m
Draft: 7.0m
Length: 103m
Beam: 15.8m
Draft: 6.0m
B. Quay (B1/B2)
Length: 225m
Draft: 6.4m
Craneage: 1x 15t
S.W. Quay (B5/B6)
Length: 275m
Draft: 10.8m
Craneage: 1x 60t
EEG Quay (R1/R2/R3)
Length: 500m
Draft: 10.8m
Craneage: 2x 60t+60t