Damen Shiprepair Harlingen, Netherlands

The yard is located in the northern part of the Netherlands, in the city of Harlingen. Dating back to 1600, the shipyard has one of the longest histories in the group.

It is almost unique in being permitted to accommodate tankers in a non-gas free or inerted condition.

Nine cranes up to 200 tons.

Ship Lift
Length: 120.00m
Beam: 20.00m
Lift capacity: 4,500t
Blasting and paint hall
Length: 90.00m
Width: 20.00m
Repair platform
Length: 185.00m
Width: 60.00m
Repair hall – covered
Length: 80.00m
Width: 20.00m
Repair hall – covered
Length: 70.00m
Width: 20.00m
Conversion dock/hall
Length: 145.00m
Width: 30.00m