Damen Verolme Rotterdam, Netherlands

Situated in Rotterdam’s Botlek area, Damen Verolme’s Rotterdam facilities are ideally located, in the heart of one of the world’s largest industrial and transportation centres. The 405 x 90m drydock can easily accommodate rigs, semi-submersibles and jack-ups as well as the largest vessels in the world.

The two other docks cater to the larger vessels sailing the globe. The yard offer a 2,000-metre quayside with a minimum of 12.5 metres of water depth. The load capacity of quaysides is approx. 15 tonnes/square metre.

Dry Dock 5
Length: 230.00m
Beam: 35.50m
Draft: 8.00m
Craneage: 1x 20t
Dry Dock 6
Length: 275.00m
Beam: 41.00m
Draft: 10.30m
Craneage: 1x 20t, 1x 40t
Dry Dock 7
Length: 405.00m
Beam: 90.00m
Draft: 11.60m
Craneage: 1x 20t, 1x 307, 1x 80t
Berth 3
Length: 200.00m
Draft: 12.50m
Craneage: 1x 20t
Berth 4
Length: 400.00m
Draft: 12.50m
Craneage: 1x 30t
Berth 5
Length: 405.00m
Draft: 12.50m
Craneage: 1x 20t, 1x 80t
Berth 6
Length: 570.00m
Draft: 12.50m
Craneage: 1x 40t